Make data your secret weapon

Data Engineering as a Service - Data Nexus

A state-of-the art platform to audit, model, load and analyse data with ease. Solve all of your data problems for a flat monthly fee. 


Make the most of your data

Building a data system is time consuming and expensive. From hiring a data team to sourcing your servers, the process pulls your attention away from growing the business.

Data Nexus removes that burden, allowing you to focus on generating value from your data. The platform combines cutting-edge technologies with the best data practices to deliver a complete data solution.


Streamline your data

Data Nexus consumes dozens of data sources, including your existing datasets. The platform then transforms, combines and filters them into a single universe. 


Simplify data delivery

Data is delivered through a user-friendly, well-documented API - making it easy to access the insights you need. Reports are also available via email. 


Discover hidden insights

All loaded data sources are matched against reference sources using our machine-learning matching algorithms to find the links you didn’t know existed.

Total control of your data

Managing data can be stressful and confusing. But we provide clarity and transparency at every step of the process - so you can feel in control.


How it works


1. Data audit and modelling

We work with you to identify the data gaps and silos in your business, and understand your objectives.


2. Data loading

We set up the processes to stream your data into our platform. 


3. Data Analysis

We set up the dashboards and data products that you need to get the most out of your data.

Expert support on-demand

Your subscription includes support from the best data engineers, scientists and analysts in the business. And there’s no lock-in, so you can request an export of your complete dataset and receive it within 24 hours.