Delivering a seamless pricing engine with a multidisciplinary Agile team

Delivering a seamless pricing engine with a multidisciplinary Agile team

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Sixty-seven percent of B2B sellers plan to use more self-service portals.

This is because these services are convenient, flexible, time-saving, and competitive. They give customers control over their buyer’s journey and improve their experience.

As a next-generation telecoms company, Neos Networks saw the potential of embedding self-service into their quoting process. But they needed a technically-adept partner that could understand their goals and build the right tool.

Neos Networks chose Tech City Teams for our technical expertise, agility and forward-thinking attitude.

Identifying an opportunity for change

The Neos Networks team used to create and deliver quotes manually. This meant customers requested a quote and then had to wait for a team rep to come back to them.

Customers benefitted from one-to-one contact, but the process was restrictive and time-consuming. There was no instant answer or cost benchmark - this wasn’t suitable for busy customers who required quick responses. Neos Networks identified this as an opportunity for digital transformation.

Empowering customers with fast self-service

We listened to Neos Networks’ requirements and worked closely with their digital team to build a self-service quoting system. The project required extensive expertise in a range of disciplines, including UI/UX design, data engineering, AWS DevOps and testing.

The result was a dynamic LIVEQUOTE portal. It’s an online pricing, availability and ordering engine. It integrates with both their CRM and external data sources. And customers can use it to get immediate self-service quotes.

Businesses can now:

  • Access the information they need. This digital portal provides up-to-date data that can inform their next steps.
  • Take control of their customer journey. Businesses can receive and compare prices at a time that’s convenient for them. They can also control when (or if) they’re ready to talk to a sales representative.
  • Get accurate quotes fast. Customers don’t have to wait for a human to key in their information and gather data. They can receive quotes and make purchasing decisions autonomously.

Agile delivery, outstanding results

“Tech City Teams absolutely turned around our data experience” - The Neos Networks team

Neos Networks saw an opportunity for positive change and leaned on our expertise to bring it to life.

We aligned with their unique needs and built a multidisciplinary development team that produced more for less. Throughout the project, we harnessed:

  • Leading technology. By using the Serverless Framework, we reduced the need for expensive servers that would require ongoing maintenance.
  • Continuous integration. Thanks to our continuous integration platform, Neos Networks could keep track of our progress and provide feedback as soon as we completed features.
  • Automated testing. This instilled confidence in the quality of our work and reduced the need for manual testers.
  • Expert Agile teams. Our agile way of working involved users and stakeholders from day one. So, we were able to deliver exactly what the Neos Networks team wanted.
  • Quality control. Our strong focus on quality created a zero-outage platform from day one.

This project management approach allowed our team to deliver a seamless custom pricing engine on time and at a reduced price. And, by really getting to know the client, we were able to suggest improvements that took the product to the next level.

A platform that empowers everyone

For Neos Networks, this platform has been revolutionary. Reps can view pricing and availability information from a single point of access. And, with no more manual data collation, they can spend time resolving more complex customer requests.

Now, Neos Networks benefits from a system that empowers its customers and complements the skills of its human customer service reps.

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