Rapid growth, steadfast excellence. Here’s how we made it onto the FT1000 list.

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March certainly put a spring in our step!

Tech City Teams was announced as ranking among the top 25% of 1000 of the fastest growing European companies in 2023 by the Financial Times, as well as being shortlisted in the UK Company Culture Awards in the ‘Remote Team of the Year’ category.

As a scaling business, with a hands-on, bootstrapped approach to growth, these recognitions are huge for us - not to mention a mark of confidence for our clients and as an employer. 

Continue reading to learn more about the values, activities, and practice behind the growth that afforded us these incredible recognitions.

Staying true to our vision for Tech City Teams

We’ve always had a strong sense of who we want to be as a company, committing early on to growth on our terms. We took a considered, organic approach to growth over rushing or forcing the process with external funding, big leaps, or even larger risks. 

This gives us the freedom to consider every growth opportunity in relation to the needs of the business, our people, and our clients, ensuring that it aligns with the values that have shaped us into the tech consultancy we are today.

Setting the bar is not enough

We push the boundaries of technical excellence with an obsessive adherence to TDD and CI/CD along with an unyielding focus on standards and outcomes.

Our culture of continuous learning and development applies to both our code and to our people. We make sure our team stays at the cutting edge of the latest skills, tools and development practice.

But a highly skilled and technical team isn’t enough to deliver tech with a human touch. Our team is also accountable to and supportive of each other, working together to create game-changing results for businesses.

“TCT absolutely turned around our data experience.”
Finance Director (Multi Systems Reporting), Neos Networks

Building a team that truly cares about our clients and their project outcomes means we approach each problem with the creative and inquisitive vigour of our first. With that being said, we don't get distracted by tech for tech's sake, looking first and foremost for a solution that works for our client. We find the best consultants, talent, and skills to create solutions that do the job, do it well, and work first time.

“Ben and the TCT team were a brilliant partner to work with. They clearly understood our brief and took the lead in recommending the best approach to data cleansing and segmentation to achieve our goals.”
Founder and Director, We Grow Startups

Forming deep, trusted relationships

Consultancies in the past have been known for a one-and-done approach to projects, often duplicating solutions that don’t consider the intricacies and context of the client and their sector.

We present an alternative to the transformation consultancy headache. By working in collaboration with internal talent and ideas to understand their world, our solutions put the client in the driving seat and empower embedded teams to make smarter decisions, accomplish more, and grow from within.

Our goal is to enrich organisations through long-standing relationships, not stifle or railroad their existing strategy. Maintaining these relationships is as much a part of our growth strategy as bringing on new projects and clients.

“TCT are an organisation that are adding real value, helping us retain our cutting edge. We see TCT as a key technology partner for the future”
Managing Director, Connell Data Ltd

Making remote-first work

Tech City Teams started life operating a hybrid model out of offices at QE Olympic Park, but a combination of personal circumstances and the pandemic saw us relocate to the Thames Valley area and embrace life as a remote-first organisation.

It was a big upheaval for the company but the right move for the business, our people, and our clients - and the benefits have been many.

Much of our business is generated from the Thames Valley area, so this proximity brought us closer to our clients and made relationship development more straightforward.

Our hiring pool also opened up, allowing us to reach top talent from nearshore countries like Portugal, Croatia, and Tenerife.

Embracing our ‘from the internet’ status has helped us grow our team by 83% since 2018, including core employees and long-term contractors. In 2022 alone we hired 6 new members of staff, from project managers to UX/UI specialists.

We care for our team in practice, not just on paper

Looking after our people is paramount to sustainable growth.

We’re intentional about how we take care of our people, choosing not to view our remote working model as a barrier, but rather an opportunity to be creative in how we bring an exciting and dynamic environment to a team that spans countries and time zones. 

Since moving to a remote-first model we've been able to redistribute resources into our team that were previously spent on an office. Benefits such as supporting professional and personal learning goals and better employee perks are some of the ways we've been able to show our appreciation for our team. We also utilise all channels available to us to connect and champion our people, from a monthly team newsletter that shares stories and celebrates personal achievements, to relaxed quarterly meet-ups where the team can reconnect and bond over shared interests.

Less homogeneity brings greater creativity, and we celebrate the diversity of our people for the fresh thinking and unique perspectives it brings to the team and the organisation. Plus, an employee who’s able to unapologetically bring their whole self to work is ultimately a happier one.

Our people are on this journey with us, and have been, and always will be, an integral part of our growth story.

Where to next?

This has been such an exciting growth journey to be on so far and we look forward to continuing to scale with heart, by focusing on development excellence, driving amazing outcomes for our clients and of course, empowering our team to reach new heights.

Our growth story and commitment to our people are testaments to our ambition, and the recognitions we’ve received this month send a clear message: we’re here to stay.


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